March 11th, 2005


I was born a dancer in your DISCO OF FIRE!

I went to see Electric Six at the Astoria; they were fun, like a head-on collision between AC/DC and disco. They weren't quite as over-the-top as I expected them to be; no elaborate glam-rock spaceman costumes or indeed rock-star posturing. Then again, it could well be that the support band before them, El Presidente, used up the quota of those. (El Presidente were a pretty good pick for support; also in a disco-rock vein, though the front man wore a leather jacket and aviator sunglasses and struck poses like Freddie Mercury or someone, in exactly the way that the frontman of Electric Six didn't.)

Anyway, it was a good gig; quite energetic. At one stage, when they stopped in the middle of Improper Dancing, the band left the stage except for the frontman, who took off his shirt, grabbed a guitar and did a Magnetic Fields cover ("for the ladies and the homosexuals"). Then, two songs later, the band went on, he said "Continue!", and the song resumed, segueing neatly into Danger High Voltage.

On the way back, I thought of who good supports for them in Melbourne would be (I mean from indie coolsie hipster Fitzroy bands, not commercial rubbish like Jet whom no-one there listens to). Perhaps BAM BAM (for the rock and charisma), or failing that, Your Wedding Night (for the camp).