June 2nd, 2005


Lounge AC30 DJ set

The inaugural Lounge AC30 went well. I played for about an hour, from 2 MP3 players (there aren't any CD decks there), after a chap with an iPod and before someone with a Sony Vaio and DJ software.

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My set was well received; people liked what I played (tracks that received specific compliments included the Alter Boy FourPlay remix, the Girls Are Short track, the Broadcast and the ninetynine) . Other bystanders were perplexed by the fact that I was playing from two MP3 players, and wondered how one could do that. Anyway, I should be back there in a few weeks doing another set; and there's also the prospect of my regularly DJing at an indiepop night that's currently being organised (which will be fun, if it's anything like Fanclub/Poplounge).
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