July 6th, 2005


Architecture In Camden

Architecture In Helsinki completely rocked last night. It seems that, over the past year or so, they have become much tighter and more impressive. Cameron's singing voice has also expanded from the much derided fey very-special-(indie)kid falsetto to a powerful growl.

The performance of "Do The Whirlwind" was particularly impressive; lots of rhythm, with members dancing around and pounding various instruments. There was enough of a groove there to rock a 1970s old-sk00l hip-hop block party.

The cover bands I saw seemed fairly ordinary; The Picture seemed competent enough, and Roland Shanks were Gang Of Four copyists in the current fashion, and sounded well NME/Carling/MTV2.

Anyway, there are photos here, and on Flickr.
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    AIH - Do The Whirlwind