July 16th, 2005


Tigermilking set report

Last night's DJ set at Tigermilking went well. The night was held at The Chapel, an upmarket pub in Islington with a church-style pulpit for the DJ booth; that reminded me a bit of the Rochester Castle in Fitzroy, where Poplounge and Fanclub were. The feel of the night was similar to those at times (though a bit more of a mixed bag; there were people playing funk/soul sets and pop-goth sets, and when I got up to play, I had people requesting Cyndi Lauper (repeatedly) and "some hip-hop/garage". (Needless to say, I politely declined.)

The night started off with hazyjayne doing a short set from iTunes, and doing quite a decent job of it; then several other people played, as mentioned. I was last on, at 1AM to 3AM, inheriting a dancefloor full of people and mostly keeping them dancing, and then winding the night down, before getting home with dawn's ominous glow in the eastern sky. Thank the gods for night buses, I say.

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It was more of a challenge than the Lounge AC30 sets, as I had to pick tracks to keep the crowds moving, which is why I played more crowd-pleasers. Because of the location, many of the Fanclub crowd-pleasers (The Hummingbirds' Blush, Mid-State Orange's Summer In Disguise) fell somewhat flat; I didn't try the standard Fanclub floor-filler, Ratcat's Don't Go Now, but I suspect it'd get a similarly cool reception; then again, the DJ before me did play some Architecture In Helsinki. Other than that, London and Melbourne are really not all that different.

The tracks that got the best responses were Pulp (as at Fanclub), Belle & Sebastian (people were singing along), Spearmint (something you wouldn't get in Melbourne), the Jam track (and, indeed, anything with a Motownesque groove can probably be said to work on Londoners) and the Electric Six track.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the next Tigermilking; I'm already making a list of things to bring.