December 5th, 2005

prince, ukelele

NaSoAlMo web page up

The web page for my NaSoAlMo album is now up, complete with printable cover artwork. I have gone for the title "Never Mind The Quality, Feel The Width", and for calling my project The Random Letters (which was an alternative which lost out to "The Random Numbers" initially. Now that the latter sounds like an existing band, the contender has returned), mainly because it sounds less clunky than "The Andrew C. Bulhak Laptop Orchestra" or something.

Music of the day

Every so often, a stopped clock shows the right time, a right-wing tabloid columnist says something one can agree with, or the PA system in a supermarket plays a good song. The last happened this afternoon, when I was in the local Morrison's; in between some quite ordinary songs, the PA played Aztec Camera's "Somewhere In My Heart", which has been playing in my head since.

I can totally see that song in a mix between any of: The Bodines' "Heard It All", OMD's "Dreaming", The Go-Betweens' "Streets Of Your Town" or Deacon Blue's "Real Gone Kid" (to name four tracks that come to mind).

Which reminds me: some way, somehow, I'm going to have to get back into DJing.