December 19th, 2005

melbourne tram

The Chips

I've just ordered the new Minimum Chips record from Red Eye in Sydney*. The total cost, including postage, will be AUD$30.71, or approximately £12.62, which isn't bad.

(Sorry, givemethegun; I appreciate your offer of picking it up for me, but needed it in time for my end-of-year CD writeup. Though there are a few other titles I'm interested in.)

* the first place I could find that had medium-sized Australian indie and did mailorder. ChaosMusic is hopeless these days and seems to have little that you wouldn't find in a suburban Sanity (i.e., don't even think about anything non-mainstream); a far cry from when they bought Gaslight and tried to assume the aura of coolness that came with it. Meanwhile, the Chips' label, Trifekta (distributed by FMR), is too big and well-distributed (in Australia) for the small indie outlets to bother with.
passionate subscriber

An auspicious start

Just listening to justlikehoney's show on RRR, in the background. So far, pretty cool; Bill Hicks or some similar (un-)American comedian George Carlin, followed by an Indian percussive vocal track, and now an amen-break-based track that sounds like it was made on an Amiga tracker. (It seems to use the same samples as the "Jesus On E's" tracker tunes), then a bunch of new-waveish tracks, finishing with V. Spy V. Spy's "Mugshot". Not a bad start.