January 3rd, 2006

fey indie boy

Look what the cat dragged in...

I'm back at work; slightly zombified due to not having gotten enough sleep last night.

The stack of CDs I ordered from Shelflife's clearance in early November finally showed up today. I was wondering where it had disappeared to; it turns out that they sent it by surface mail. Which means it probably spent the past two months making its way through the Panama Canal on a ship.

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The cover of the "Weather Sensitive" EP by Postal Blue (a Brazilian indiepop band, if I recall correctly) looks rather like one of Crushworthy's Hydroplane/Cat's Miaow sleeves. Which is probably because both lifted design cues (halftoned photographs, that tall sans-serif font) from Blue Note or someone.
And do Free Loan Investments sound like Heavenly/Tallulah Gosh or what?