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anatomy · of · distance

A little slice of Chapel St.

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The Emergency and Minimum Chips were playing at the First Floor in Brunswick St. tonight, so I went along. The Emergency were interesting; very early-80s/electroclash/new-wave, with analogue synths, drum machines and vocoded vocals, not to mention the stripy tops they wear on stage. Well worth seeing if you like that kind of thing. And the Chips were nicely angular as always; I've noticed recently how much tighter and groovier their playing seems than it used to.

(The DJs between sets were also playing some decent stuff; not the boutique house music you'd expect in such a venue, but Italian retro lounge music and glitchy electronica and so on. At times it went uncannily well with the foreign films from SBS projected on the walls.)

Btw, if anybody in Sydney is reading this, Minimum Chips play the Hopetoun tomorrow (Thursday) night. Do check them out.
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