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Spam of the day

For some reason I've found myself subscribed to some drugmusic-related mass mailout calling itself "the en=80trance digizine" or something like that. Funny, because I don't recall subscribing to it. Oh well, into the SpamCop reporting system it goes.

Among other delights in my Held Mail today: a pump-and-dump stock scam, one probable porn ad ("School is In and the Girls Are Too Ojgv Ptusw Cb Bp"), four solicitations for dodgy pharmaceutical retailers (including an offer to "Increase your 'DI-C,K_ _SIZE* f dqiybqdaq"), one offer for dodgy financial services and at least two things in Asian character sets (including one sent from ""); and some scumbag calling themselves the Patriot Fund and trying to collect money for "dead soldiers' families", and tripping the SpamAssassin alarms in the process.

(Aside: what's with the random strings of letters in spam subject lines. Some sort of distribution-code for determining which ones get looked at/reported, noise to fool primitive spam filtering systems? Or perhaps some sort of Ken-Bruce-has-gone-mad-style marketing gimmick: "An offer so exciting we can't control ourselves!!!yurble yurble glurk")

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