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Spring / random associations

It was a pleasantly balmy afternoon today; the air was warm, with a cool breeze.

Apropos of nothing, Queensway in Bayswater seemed to have a vaguely mediterranean and leisurely feel; it reminds me a bit of various places in Australia by the sea, for some reason.

  • Momus gig videos

    I've now managed to upload two songs from the Momus gig in Paris to YouTube: Pierrot Lunaire Nervous Heartbeat Enjoy.

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    I've just gotten around to posting more video from my Australian visit: I've just posted two from the Talkshow Boy gig at Pony in January; Catclaws,…

  • Steal Their Gold

    And another video on YouTube: Wolf & Cub - "Steal Their Gold" live at the Old Blue Last, yeah?


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