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In the mail

I sent a demo off to Future Music this afternoon. (That's the three tracks I got Greg Wadley to master a few weeks ago.) With any luck, it'll get a one-line sarky review in a few months. I wonder if they'll compare it to Stereolab ("sounds like Stereolab" seems to be the musical equivalent of "tastes like chicken"). Perhaps it'll even end up on the cover disc.

I'll probably do a web page for the project sometime soon, and maybe even put up a MP3 of one of the tracks from the demo. The tracks on the demo will probably end up on an EP with two or three other pieces (one of which is almost finished), and sold (on CD-R (though Verbatim Super-AZO, not one of those cheap self-destructing ones most home-burned indie demos seem to be on), unless I can find a CD pressing plant that does runs of 100 or so) through indie outlets and/or mail order.

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