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Blue Skied An' Clear

I'm relistening to the Morr Music Slowdive tribute compilation from a few years ago, "Blue Skied An' Clear". (Which is not related to the all-shoegazer Slowdive tribute compilation of the same name.) I haven't listened to the whole thing for a while, usually picking out a few selected tracks (Styrofoam's cover of Altogether being one favourite). After having listened to more laptop-glitch music (and it's not all jumbled look-at-my-shiny-PowerBook randomness; some of it is quite atmospheric and expressive), I've developed more of an appreciation of it.

One thing that still grates with me is a lot of the vocals; a lot of the time, the vocalist can't keep a tune, and ends up changing the vocal melody. (Future 3,s version of Alison suffers from this, with the thin, German-accented vocals hitting phantom notes not in the original, not to mention words not in the original, which is somewhat distracting.) Which makes a lot of the tracks less covers of existing songs as different pieces of music that happen to borrow words and some elements from the original.

OTOH, with this as precedent, that Field Mice cover I put together is perhaps more excusable.

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