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anatomy · of · distance

Coolsie high harmony

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It looks like Rough Trade haven't heard of the new Architecture In Helsinki record.
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On April 5th, 2005 07:40 pm (UTC), bluestate commented:
Bah! Or something. I want that rekerd.
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On April 5th, 2005 11:27 pm (UTC), kineticfactory replied:
So do I.

the last AIH record had one track I liked; I think that AIH are a bit overrated, because of the coolsie hipster cred of being into them and knowing something the general public who look at them and see a sloppy high-school band don't. (For one, I think that ninetynine's "The Process" was a far superior record to "Fingers Crossed", even though the latter went into a second printing and the former got deleted.) Though they are a sight more innovative than most of the I-want-to-be-Franz-Ferdinand NME Carling Rock™ that is par for the course around here. Anyway, I imagine that in a few albums from now, they should get pretty good.
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