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anatomy · of · distance

On the wheels of polycarbonate

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I DJed at Good Morning Captain this evening. It was the usual slot, after the band (a group of hippies who burned incense and talked about "doof parties" in the bush) finished, so the venue wasn't exactly packed. People came and went, though two friends dropped by and hung around. I played a fair amount of stuff, going from indie-pop, stuff by local bands and laptop electronica to various eclectic oddities (including a homemade Björk remix found on the Internet, a Swedish electropop cover of The Cure's Friday I'm In Love, and the entire music from the Commodore 64 game Thing On A Spring), which impressed my audience (well, my friends at least).

Anyway, I'm doing another set at Good Morning Captain in two weeks' time, on the 29th, from about 9 to 11. Come along and join in the fun.

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