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Lyric quiz answers

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OK, here are the answers to that lyric quiz I posted last week:

green means that someone won it; red means that no-one got it.

  1. "we live always underground" - New Order, "Leave Me Alone" -- won by fact244
  2. "I told you everything I could just to get you in the mood" - The Hummingbirds, "Blush" -- won by surfacenoise
  3. "a hand over my mouth, a hand over the window" - Belle & Sebastian - "Seeing Other People" -- won by hazyjayne
  4. "arrested by the boulevard, a broken neck a stolen car" -- The Smallgoods, "Who's Never Seen The Sun" (off "This Is The Show" EP)
  5. "nothing is so complete but we couldn't care" -- Mid-State Orange, "Summer In Disguise" (single)
  6. "spray-on snow, coloured flashing lights, and an artificial christmas tree" Black Box Recorder - "Child Psychology" -- won by addedentry
  7. "I can't paint pictures of you, for I have no oils that deep blue" -- Blueboy, "Melancholia"
  8. "okay, let's pedestrianise the high street" - Half Man Half Biscuit, "You're Hard" (off "Four Lads Who Shook The Wirral" LP)
  9. "he killed a policeman when he was 13, and somehow that really impressed me" - The Smiths, "I Want The One I Can't Have" -- won by icecreaman
  10. "ride with me to the next station; I want to spend another half hour with you" - The Field Mice, "So Said Kay" -- won by surfacenoise
  11. "and maybe you're right but this is my song" - Lush, "Hypocrite" -- won by surfacenoise
  12. "you should be less obvious, I don't think you're smart enough" -- Barcelona, "I Have The Password To Your Shell Account" (off "Zero One Infinity" LP, also available as a free MP3 download here)
  13. "fill these spaces up with days" - Azure Ray, "Sleep" -- won by fact244
  14. "I will remain, as the ghost in fading pages" - The Paradise Motel, "Ashes" -- won by ms_liv
  15. "some places are too much, some places are forbidden" -- ninetynine, "180 Degrees" (off "Anatomy Of Distance" retrospective)
  16. "shadows blue and red" - Radiohead, "The Gloaming" -- won by strangehours
  17. "how much is the fish? does the fish have chips?" -- Stump, "Buffalo" (off the NME C-86 compilation)
  18. "walking in circles around me watching my breath freeze" -- Gus Gus, "Cold Breath '79" (off "Polydistortion")
  19. "but where you go I cannot follow" -- The Radio Dept., "Lost And Found" (off "Lesser Matters" LP)
  20. "today I watched the colours fade" - Slowdive, "Primal" -- won by fact244
  21. "one day, when the world is set to right" - Another Sunny Day, "You Should All Be Murdered" -- won by surfacenoise
  22. "your minds are just the same as mine except that you're a clever swine" - Pulp, "I Spy" -- won by icecreaman
  23. "and if you're angry about the fact that it's red" -- Architecture In Helsinki, "Scissors, Paper Rock" (off "Fingers Crossed" LP)
  24. "give me all your money, just to cover you, cover you with honey" - The Glove, "Mr. Alphabet Says" -- won by strangehours

The score currently looks like:

surfacenoise - 4
fact244 - 3
icecreaman, strangehours - 2
addedentry, hazyjayne, ms_liv - 1

There may be another lyric quiz shortly; I've already got a few ideas for what to put on it.

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On April 29th, 2005 12:02 am (UTC), lokicarbis commented:
There may be another lyric quiz shortly; I've already got a few ideas for what to put on it.

Have you considered joining the getthequoteau community? :)
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On April 29th, 2005 09:07 am (UTC), kineticfactory replied:
LJ tells me that no such community actually exists.
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On April 29th, 2005 12:56 pm (UTC), lokicarbis replied:
Because I can't bloody spell tonight... I meant to type guessthequoteau.
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On April 29th, 2005 04:08 pm (UTC), kineticfactory replied:
Hmmm... I'm not yet at the level of sophistication of coming up with a set of quotes connected by a theme (hidden or otherwise). Though perhaps I'll crosspost the next quiz there.
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