this is not your sawtooth wave (kineticfactory) wrote,
this is not your sawtooth wave

Recent CD acquisitions

CDs I recently acquired:

  • Tuesday: Maxx Klaxon's lefty guerilla electroclash (in the mail), and Caroline Martin's album, I Have A Hundred More Reasons To Stay By The Fire (at her gig)

  • Yesterday: Secret Shine's After Years (most of their Sarah Records back-catalogue, as reissued on Californian shoegazer label Clairecords) arrived in the mail. I've had most of this in MP3s ripped from the original vinyl, but it's good to have a studio-mastered CD.

  • Today: Curve's The Way Of Curve 1990-2004 2CD retrospective arrived in the mail. CD1 is greatest hits (for some value of "hit") from their various albums, and CD2 is rarities and remixes. Incidentally, the booklet defines Curve's genre as "filth-pop"; a genre that's only shared by Curve and a handful of imitators (anyone remember Caligula? They were sort of the Kasabian of the early 90s or something).


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