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anatomy · of · distance

Friday night

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The DJ set went reasonably well. People actually hung around and asked about what I was playing, which I put down to the more pleasant weather. Afterwards, I went to the Rob Roy and caught the end of the Smallgoods gig. I only heard their last song or two, but was sufficiently impressed to get their CD when it comes out.

I also saw the second bit of the Because Of Ghosts performance at Good Morning Captain, which was also very impressive; think world-class instrumental post-rock on a par with anything Montréal can produce.

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On October 19th, 2003 06:13 am (UTC), fact244 commented:
Have seen BoG a bunch of times... not bad, but no better or worse than half a dozen other instrumental bands around town I could name. This is your Captain speaking to name one are superb and don't rely on the obvious quiet/loud dynamic for impact.
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