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Life's small pleasures

I just had a cup of Byron Chai, brewed from mix I brought back from Melbourne. As I've discovered, it's possible to brew quite passable chai without access to a direct heat source, using one of those Bodum coffee plungers, as long as you microwave the milk before adding it, and let the chai brew for a good five minutes.

It's good to have good (i.e., to my somewhat Australianised tastes) chai mix here. Never mind the slabs of VB that Australians here are notorious for buying at a premium, or even Tim Tams; Byron Chai would be the one food substance most worth importing from Australia to London. (There's also Black Adder licorice tea, though that's actually originally from New Zealand.)

Next up: buy a small stash of honey for sweetening it; sugar in chai is just not the same.

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