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this past weekend

A mingingly hot day today; it was like being back in Australia (thermally, at least). I don't like this sort of heat, and I thought that, in London, I would escape it. It not getting dark until around 10pm is somewhat cool, though.

I spent most of the weekend offline, and mostly sitting with my PowerBook doing music. Which was good from a productive point of view; maybe one of these days I'll actually finish another track, even.

On Friday night, I took dickon_edwards' recommendation and went to see My Favorite, an electropop band from New York. They played under Zigfrid's in Hoxton Square; entering the square on a Friday night was an interesting experience; as well as crowds of people outside venues, there were lots of people sitting around on the grass in the middle of the square; it was like a rock concert, only there was no stage. Were the people there to bask in the ambient coolness of Hoxton Square? Is that what young people here do when they become too old to get their teenage kicks by walking slowly up and down Camden High St. in orange "PSYCHO WARD" shirts, hardcore band patches and cutesy-goth-cartoon-character bags or something?

The band before My Favorite was a rather C86-ish jangle-pop band from somewhere north of London, who were OK; it's good to see that not every young band in England is trying to be the next Libertines or else an apolitical, rehashed Gang of Four. My Favorite were pretty good; upbeat electropop with boy/girl vocals and dark undertones to the lyrics if you listen closely enough. I picked up their CD, though haven't had a chance to listen to it yet; from the booklet (which looks more suited to ponderously lugubrious post-rock from Montréal than cheerful indie synthpop from Long Island), they seem to have a rather morbid obsession with Joan of Arc.

This morning I went down to Copyfighters, and was joined by bluestate. It was interesting as usual. I gave a brief talk about Galambosianism and how it relates to the RIAA/MPAA's masterplan.

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