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My way or the spam filter

Hotmail is about to suck even more.

Microsoft have just announced that Hotmail will start blocking as spam any mail from servers not running Microsoft's Sender ID system. Sender ID is a technology to prevent spammers from using bogus email addresses; however, it is not a standard but a proprietary Microsoft technology, which competes with several other similar systems, including open-source ones. Consequently, if Microsoft go ahead with their plan and the rest of the world doesn't all line up behind the One Microsoft Way of doing things, it's likely that Hotmail will start classifying much incoming mail as spam, with Hotmail users wondering why their non-Hotmail-using friends have stopped mailing them, or fishing through their choked spam folders for legitimate emails "sorted" there.

Which makes it a good time for anyone still using Hotmail to consider moving,

As it happens, I have quite a few Gmail invitations to give out. If you still don't have a Gmail account and want one, enter your email address in the poll below: (It's readable only to me, so you won't get harvested by spammers.)
Poll #519245 Great Gmail giveaway

Yes please; my email address is:


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