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This Is A Heavy Product

Future Music has finally gotten to reviewing This Is A Heavy Product, which I sent them some 5 months ago:

One track only from Andrew (The Random Numbers) and it is a blend of what he calls indie rock and casiopunk tendencies. The backing is a very strict programmed rock drum track with a heavy guitar rhythm courtesy of Steinberg's Virtual Guitarist while the main element is a single-note melody played with an analog synth lead sound that Andrew would no doubt be the first to admit is a bit cheesy. Fun stuff but that synth is too in yer face. A little delay or reverb would sit it back more in context with the backing.

Completely dry sounds can work but may sound a little too far forward in the mix.

I'm not sure about the "very strict programmed rock drum track" parts; maybe they didn't make it to the somewhat Cameron Potts-esque drum break after the false ending. And I imagine the synth would lose a lot of its angularity if I bathed it in reverb.

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