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Last night's gig

Last night, I went to the Buffalo Bar and saw a few bands.

First up was Partition, a sort of C86ish, punky jangle-pop outfit, who came out to Australia a few years ago (twice, in fact). Since then, they had acquired a drummer (a girl named Talya, who's really into the Easybeats and 1960s Australian garage rock) and a temporary bass player (Mark from the Lucksmiths). They did a lot of rather short, and somewhat amusing, songs. Not to everyone's taste, though entertaining enough.

They were followed by a band called Michaelmas, who reminded me very much of The Rumours, with perhaps a bit of Tugboat in the mix. They did a sort of classicist guitar-pop, and did it reasonably well, and the frontman does sound a bit like James from The Rumours. Anyway, they're now working on an album, which should be good.

After that were The Shla-La-Las; five girls in tops/dresses made out of army uniforms, with two guitars and two bass guitars, doing a sort of doo-wop garage thing, sounding a bit like the Pipettes crossed with Bidston Moss.

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