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RRR streaming success

It looks like listening into the 3RRR stream isn't such a problem; that scofflaw tinkerer's Swiss Army knife, mplayer, can play RealAudio streams (with a binary codec); not only that, but it can capture them to disk.

So now, I have a command line which plays what's currently on 3RRR and looks like:
mplayer `wget -q -O -`

And this page shows how to capture RealAudio streams to disk, whence one can just play them with mplayer or equivalent. (Of course, they're still RealAudio, which doesn't play on an iRiver, though it is possible to transcode them (lossily and by brute force).)

What I want to do next is to rig up something to automatically record various shows (Local And/Or General and International Pop Underground are two candidates; though it could also be cool to have the option of waking to a time-delayed morning programme). Which would be trivial enough to do with cron, except for the time difference between Melbourne and London. Does anyone know of a good recipe for automatically doing something at a certain time in a different time zone, without manually keeping track of the time difference?

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