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Another good thing I heard on Local And/Or General: Holidays On Ice.…

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Another good thing I heard on Local And/Or General: Holidays On Ice. They're a new band comprised of members of various other bands, including Angie Hart of Frente! (for the Britons in the audience, she's sort of Australia's equivalent of Amelia Fletcher; sort of). They sound like Yo La Tengo crossed with Saint Etienne and a touch of Architecture In Helsinki.

I'm going to have to get their album, Playing Boyfriends and Girlfriends, shipped over by some means.

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Local And/Or General
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On September 5th, 2005 10:29 pm (UTC), datakid23 commented:
You need me to do anything?

Also, I'll be in your neck of the woods in about a month, so I can hand deliver, if you want....

be great to catch a gig while I'm in town - what's on the cards - any more acb dj sets?
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On September 5th, 2005 10:38 pm (UTC), kineticfactory replied:
That would be good, thanks.

Also, do you know anything about a Ninetynine DVD? The RRR magazine tantalisingly alludes to one of those in the list of radiothon subscriber prize packs. If such a beast exists, I would greatly appreciate a copy. (In fact, any post-The Process releases from them would be appreciated.)

As for DJ sets, there will be one at an indie night called Tigermilking once hazyjayne has finished moving house and organises it, and also occasional low-key sets at a shoegazer/post-rock night called Lounge AC30 (by the Club AC30 people).
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