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Another quiet evening of fey indiepop.

Last night, I went with hazyjayne to see Belle & Sebastian play If You're Feeling Sinister at the Barbican (an oddly humanistic brutalist concrete ziggurat in the centre of London). It was brilliant; they played for almost two hours, and also played a lot of songs not on the album (including a rare live version of Electronic Renaissance). The support band was Broadcast, who were also really good, in a stylish, krautrocky and retrofuturistic vein; I'm going to see them again on Wednesday night. Anyway, there's a more detailed writeup here.

I went home with a bag full of Belle & Sebastian merch. I'm currently drinking chai out of a new "Belle & Sebastian Play If You're Feeling Sinister" mug; I also picked up the T-shirt, poster and keyring. I didn't get the book, though will get it in my next Amazon order.
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