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I had an interestingly odd dream this morning.

It started off as a scene from some Spooks/24-style TV series, in which an operative was tailing a terrorist/extremist/villain of some sort, who was up to no good. This was set in a rather hilly Australian country town (I'd say it'd be in rural New South Wales).

The action then moved up a steep hill, crossing a road, part of which had been reclaimed as a cemetery for car accident victims. There were several graves, arranged in a square, in the middle of the asphalt; most of them had the usual huge gravestones (you know, the 7-foot stone fingernails one sees in cemeteries) and rusty wrought-iron fences/frames around them, enclosing patches of weeds and wilted flowers. On a few graves, the gravestones were made from the bonnets of cars, cut/beaten/welded into the appropriate shape and stuck into the ground.


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On October 10th, 2005 01:21 pm (UTC), kineticfactory commented:
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