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I had an interestingly odd dream this morning.

It started off as a scene from some Spooks/24-style TV series, in which an operative was tailing a terrorist/extremist/villain of some sort, who was up to no good. This was set in a rather hilly Australian country town (I'd say it'd be in rural New South Wales).

The action then moved up a steep hill, crossing a road, part of which had been reclaimed as a cemetery for car accident victims. There were several graves, arranged in a square, in the middle of the asphalt; most of them had the usual huge gravestones (you know, the 7-foot stone fingernails one sees in cemeteries) and rusty wrought-iron fences/frames around them, enclosing patches of weeds and wilted flowers. On a few graves, the gravestones were made from the bonnets of cars, cut/beaten/welded into the appropriate shape and stuck into the ground.


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On October 11th, 2005 11:02 pm (UTC), b0rken commented:
Your dream reminds me of something that occurred to me a while ago: why don't we have a state memorial somewhere to road accident victims? It would make sense to have one central location for the relatives of people who died in car accidents to put flowers, cards etc. It would look 'awesome' as well, imagine what all that shit in the one place would look like.
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