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Tonight, I went to the Marquee Club and saw Client and Sing-Sing.

Sing-Sing, aka Emma Lush's new band, played an acoustic set. They have now grown to four members (Lisa on vocals, Emma on guitar/backing vocals, another guitarist and a cellist). They did an acoustic set only tonight, and were quite enjoyable. They reminded me a bit of Wendy Rule gigs I've seen, except without the mythology/gothy bits.

Client were the headline band. For those not in the know, they're Sarah from Dubstar's most recent band, and are roughly to Adult what Dubstar were to Saint Etienne. There were three of them. One playing bass (which was mostly inaudible over the prerecorded synth backing), one playing keyboards (on a Novation K-Station synth), and one (presumably Sarah) fronting the group. She was attired in a sharp office dress, her hair immaculately arranged, and was wearing black leather gloves to finish off the look; she looked beautiful and cold, like a replicant from Blade Runner, or possibly the computer-generated avatar of a vast, casually murderous yet PR-savvy megacorporation. Anyway, she sang into a microphone, and danced around, striking electroclash-noir-ice-queen poses and occasionally writhing against the other members of the group in a casually predatory fashion evocative of the mating habits of spiders, and occasionally flashing an almost warm smile at the audience. As mentioned, much of the music was prerecorded, though the vocals and keyboards were live; it was much like Schmoof, only with the cold electroclash aesthetic (or, as Dickon Edwards said, like a band of gay German guys only they were women). The music itself is basically the pop side of electroclash (i.e., no aimless Miss Kittin/Ellen Allien-style stream-of-consciousness rants about doing cocaine with movie stars in East Germany or whatever), done very well. Anyway, it was a most entertaining show.

At the start was one of Club AC30's regular shoegazer acts, Oppressed By The Line, a.k.a. one of the members of Sleepless doing a solo guitar/pedals/laptop/vocal performance, which had overtones of Slowdive and Ulrich Schnauss.

There are photos at my Flickr page.
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