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Mix CD made for a friend

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Today I sent off a mix CD of Australian indie music to my friend Clare in Manchester, with whom I met up when I went there recently, and who had mentioned that she wasn't familiar with Australian indie music.

  1. ninetynine - the process
  2. Snap! Crakk! - City of Reubens (Paris)
  3. The Vivian Girls - Black Chair In A Black Room
  4. The Hummingbirds - Blush
  5. The Rumours - Inside Outside
  6. Holidays On Ice - Spell Happiness
  7. Mid-State Orange - Summer In Disguise
  8. The Smallgoods - Who's Never Seen The Sun
  9. Sneeze - There He Is
  10. Clag - Goldfish
  11. The Particles - Apricot's Dream
  12. Even As We Speak - Bizarre Love Triangle
  13. ninetynine - 180 Degrees
  14. Laura - We Should Keep This Secret
  15. Season - Throw Me To The Sky
  16. Minimum Chips - Black
  17. The Paradise Motel - J. Star
  18. Cartwheel - Yellow Keys
  19. ninetynine - Wöekenender
  20. Talkshow Boy - Ice Police
  21. Holidays On Ice - Sleigh
  22. Minimum Chips - Interesting / Two-Tone

There's not much you can squeeze into 80 minutes, so I had to leave a lot of things off. Doing a double CD would probably be a tad excessive, though. (And yes, I do have a good reason for putting on three ninetynine tracks and three Minimum Chips songs.)

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Sleigh-Holidays On Ice-playing boyfriends and girlfri
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On November 14th, 2005 09:50 am (UTC), datakid23 commented:
ok, I'd like to not be able to say this, but I don't know mimimum chips nearly as well as I should, but I can understand 3 ninetynine tracks. They are the best Australian band ever. Should that be evah?
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On November 14th, 2005 10:49 am (UTC), kineticfactory replied:
Yes, that they are.

There aren't any tracks with vibraphone on them on the CD, though. I'd have put one on, but four tracks would have been a bit excessive, unless I was making a double CD.
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