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I'm now listening to Nada Surf's cover of OMD's If You Leave. It's rather good. (Thanks, trayce.)

Entirely by coincidence, a few days ago, I ordered "Pretending To See The Future", the indiepop tribute to OMD, from the Shelflife $1 CD sale, along with a stack of other discs. It should arrive within a week.

The first OMD song I remember hearing was Dreaming. It was playing, quietly, on a ferry on a school trip to Tasmania in 1991. I didn't know what it was, but remembered it when I next heard it. It appealed to me for the same reason that New Order did: the combination of polished electronics, catchy pop melodies, and the human condition. My favourite OMD song now, though, would probably be Souvenir; nicely understated, in exactly the way that the shiny, sassy Pepsi Pop of today isn't, with a good pop melody, and notes of various things (closure, regret, bittersweetness), yet sufficiently enigmatic to not stake its territory in any one small part of the human condition. Brittle Stars' cover of it is also good, with a cello and some shoegazey touches, and Moby's remix/cover is surprisingly non-sucky.

Best OMD song

If You Leave
Enola Gay
OMD is t3h suxx0r

If "other", please specify:

Best cover of an OMD song

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