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Look what the cat dragged in...

I'm back at work; slightly zombified due to not having gotten enough sleep last night.

The stack of CDs I ordered from Shelflife's clearance in early November finally showed up today. I was wondering where it had disappeared to; it turns out that they sent it by surface mail. Which means it probably spent the past two months making its way through the Panama Canal on a ship.

The contents of the package were: Postal Blue, Weather Sensitive and International Breeze, Majestic, Wake Up, Come Out and Play!, California Snow Story, One Good Summer EP, Free Loan Investments, Ever Been To Mexico?, The Shermans, Happiness Is Toy Shaped, Sweet William (hi, dubhustler!), World Of Books, Charming, Champagne and Magazines, and Pretending to See The Future: A Tribute to OMD. In other words, a lot of jangly indiepop from around 5 years ago I missed the first time around. Though for US$1 a CD, the price was more than right.

The cover of the "Weather Sensitive" EP by Postal Blue (a Brazilian indiepop band, if I recall correctly) looks rather like one of Crushworthy's Hydroplane/Cat's Miaow sleeves. Which is probably because both lifted design cues (halftoned photographs, that tall sans-serif font) from Blue Note or someone.
And do Free Loan Investments sound like Heavenly/Tallulah Gosh or what?
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