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One step closer

I use a Macintosh for electronic music. While everybody else is moving to OSX, my Mac boots, 90% of the time, into MacOS 9. Don't get me wrong; I'd love to use OSX on my machine (the ability of calling up a UNIX shell in itself is very appealing); however, at the moment it's not yet practical. I use a lot of VST plug-ins (i.e., effects and softsynths), and they're not compatible between the two OSes. In theory, I could make the leap to OSX, but it would involve losing access to my entire library of plug-ins, save for the few which have been ported over. And most plugins are still a MacOS 9-only affair.

Now the disincentive to upgrade is slightly smaller.
Quoted from the most recent Muon Software patch area password mail:

The whole CM Studio is going OS-X, and Muon are now beta-testing OS-X versions of CM101, SR202 and DS404. Watch this space for more details and the release date!

Now if only there were a MacOS X version of Pluggo. That and an extra $900 in my bank account to pay for the Cubase SX upgrade.


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