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The elephant in the room

The question of Myspace keeps coming up. The few times I've looked at it, I've found it irritating and uninviting. The fact that Murdoch owns it (and the rumours of branding tie-ins with The Sun, undoubtedly bringing more Burberry-clad idiots into it, probably won't help). OTOH, it seems to be the standard place for putting up pages on musical projects and MP3 files; thanks to a savvy bit of marketing, when someone wants to check out a band these days, the first thing they do is look it up on Myspace, meaning that whilst you can avoid it, there is the risk that someone else will register a page in the name of your project and get 99% of the public exposure for that name.

Recently I've spoken to people from various positions: one (on a music-related message board) abhors Myspace and refuses to have aught to do with it, and appears to see having a Myspace page as a sign of a character flaw in another person. Meanwhile, at the Gossip gig last night (which was excellent, though the first support band were a bit ordinary), I struck up a conversation with two kids who were starting an electro night, and who insisted that I should get a Myspace page; presumably it's a badge of citizenship amongst the kids these days. Hence, a poll.

Feel free to inveigh in the comments if you have anything to add.

Poll #772423 Myspace, shmyspace!

Do you use Myspace?

Yes, it's great
Yes, reluctantly
I refuse to touch it on principle

If you dislike Myspace, why? (Select all that apply)

It's spammy with ads
It's full of idiots OMFGLOLBBQWTF!!1
It's owned by Rupert Moloch, spawn of Satan
It's generally irritating
Other (please specify)

If "Other", please elaborate

Do you make music?

No / not to the point where I'd have anything to put online

If you put your music online somewhere other than Myspace, where?

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