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Last night's DJ set

A list of the tracks I played between bands at the Season/At Sea/Greyscale gig at the Rob Roy last night:

Before the first band (Season):

  • Slowdive - Avalyn I

  • Sir - Nature Is Against Me

  • Four Tet - My Angel Rocks Back and Forth

  • Piano Magic - Password

  • The Field Mice - Freezing Point

  • The Pastels - Unfair Kind of Fame

  • Felt - Dance of Deliverance

Between Season and At Sea:

  • Martin L. Gore - I Cast A Lonesome Shadow

  • I Want A Hovercraft - Summer (remix)

  • Manual - Blue Skied An' Clear

  • Yo La Tengo - Little Eyes

  • Minimum Chips - Bunnysan

  • Prop vs. Stereolab - Statice

  • Ninetynine - San Pedro de Atacama

  • Clag - Goldfish

  • Ash Wednesday - Love By Numbers

Between At Sea and Greyscale:

  • Spearmint - Don't Get Me Started

  • Yay Us - Who's Your Agent

  • Belle & Sebastian - Stay Loose

  • Matt Sharp/Damon Albarn - We Have A Technical

  • The Postal Service - Nothing Better

The bands themselves were good too; Season filled the space with deep, atmospheric soundscapes as usual, and Greyscale played instrumentals with a wide array of kit, including a lap steel guitar, an old tape delay and a PowerBook providing video projections. At Sea didn't really grab me though, being a bit more towards the generic folky singer-songwriter side of rock.

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