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Recent book shopping

Exam marking's all done, thank the gods for that, and without too much stress.

I went down to Reader's Feast today and picked up John Harris' The Last Party, a history of the Britpop phenomenon of the 1990s, its devolution into "Cool Brittannia" and a New Labour marketing ploy and subsequent demise. It looks pretty interesting, and seems to be much the same subject matter as the recent documentary Live Forever.

This will be only the most recent rise-and-fall-of-a-pop-cultural-era book I will have read; before, I read Ready, Steady, Go! (about the rise and fall of of Swinging London in the 1960s; ta, cyflea) The Sharper Word (a set of essays/excerpts about the Mod culture in 1960s Britain), The Sell-In (the rise and mainstreaming of post-grunge alternative rock in Australia), Adventures in Wonderland (a book about the rise of acid-house/rave culture whose name escapes me), and Tony Wilson's novelisation of 24 Hour Party People (I hadn't yet gotten around to reading From Joy Division to New Order, though I read Touching From A Distance some years back).

I also looked around for the local (or actually UK) edition of Greg Palast's The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, but it seems they had run out of it. I still haven't read most of the books I picked up at the clearance a while back; for some reason, I don't read as much hard-scifi as I used to; and I've got one or two books from last year's UK trip I haven't gotten around to reading.

How often do you buy books for yourself only to never get around to reading them?

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