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Wrapped up in books

Today I started doing something I don't do very often: rereading a book I've already read.

The book in question is Christopher Brookmyre's A Big Boy Did It And Ran Away (which is a cracking piece of observational comedy in the form of a terrorist thriller, taking in everything from egomaniacal rockstar wannabes to first-person shooters to 1980s Scottish indie-pop to the whole Generation X condition).

The last book I read for the second time was Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point, earlier this year; I hadn't read it for some years, and had forgotten most of the details (or, more probably, they had become buried under a lot of other reading on similar topics). Before that, I hadn't reread a complete book in years, as I usually lost interest halfway through. I recall reading Neuromancer twice, the last time being some years ago, and stopping halfway through a rereading of Snow Crash, distracted by something else.

After this, I'll probably pick up The Best Democracy Money Can Buy or something.

How often do you reread books you have already read?

I start, but never finish

Are there any books you reread regularly? If so, which ones?


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