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CD purchases

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My latest order from amazon.co.uk came in today, containing Isobel Campbell's new CD, Amorino. It's much like The Gentle Waves, only perhaps a bit more jazzy, and maybe not quite as fey.

I also ordered The Thrills' So Much For The City, after Amazon's website didn't say anything about it being anything other than a Red Book-compliant CD (in contrast, having a warning for the last Radiohead album). Perhaps the EU release came out last year and was kosher, I thought. Lo and behold, I opened the package to find the "Copy Controlled" stigmata. I'm going to return the disc unopened, with a note complaining about deliberately defective merchandise. Fuck you very much, EMI.

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On November 29th, 2003 10:18 am (UTC), ex_cartwheel355 commented:
Hey Andrew, hows it going, just a quick one whilst i am on the net. Forgot to tell you i listened to yr disc before i left and really liked it. Very Stereolab except totally digital and midized. My favourite bit was about 1:30 into the second song if i remember correctly, i am not sure if you were playing it or if it is a sample but it sounds like a mellotron which the beatles used on strawberry fields. Sounded too perfect to be a sample but maybe you have a plugin for that sound. What are you going to do with it. send it out?
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