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What Kind Of Indie Are You?

I just did the what kind of indie person are you quiz, and it reckons that I'm a "New York Trendsetter".

You're a New York City Trendster. All of the bands
you like are from New York or sound like it.
You're probably the least indie, but still
pretty cool. I mean, despite our backlash, we
love these bands too. And yes, Julian
Casablancas is hot.

You Know Yer Indie. Let's Sub-Categorize.
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Which is rather odd, as most of my favourite music has come from the UK* (either that or local bands), and I've never been to New York. I guess it was the Interpol pin thing (well, I have one on the back of my bag); I changed it and it now thinks I'm Generally Indie. *shrug*

* not that that would make me eligible for the cringe-inducing "Britpopper" category. I concur with Mogwai that "Blur are shite", and think that Oasis are even more so. The only band of the cocaine-fuelled major-label marketing campaign that was Britpop I can think of that I actually like would be Pulp.

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