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anatomy · of · distance

Adventures on the wheels of polycarbonate

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Very few people were around during my DJ set tonight, and so it ended early, at about 10:30. (Also, annoyingly enough, Good Morning Captain were out of both Guinness and Hoegaarden; I had to make do with a James Squire Wheat Beer, which didn't really grab me.) However, one person did ask about a track I segued into from a Minimum Chips song, and which he liked; that track is a mostly-finished piece of my own music.

Here's what I played:

  • Martin L. Gore - In My Time Of Dying

  • Drum Solo - Limelight (from the Pop Jingu vol. 1 compilation)

  • Eggstone - Thema No. 2

  • The Random Numbers - U Know We Know The Score

  • Minimum Chips - Rounds

  • The Random Numbers - untitled track

  • Prop vs. Stereolab - Statice (Mount Zero remix)

  • Ninetynine - My Hobby Is Better Than..., I mean, Highway Delights

  • The Vivian Girls - Black Chair In A Black Room

  • New Order - Here To Stay

  • Interpol - Obstacle 1

  • Radiohead - Knives Out

  • Nancy Sinatra - Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)

  • Sir - Still Breeze

  • Styrofoam - Altogether (Slowdive cover)

  • Belle & Sebastian - Final Day (Young Marble Giants cover)

  • Belle & Sebastian - Stay Loose

  • Spearmint - My Missing Days

  • Yo La Tengo - Let's Save Tony Orlando's House

Yes, I've been caning the Prop and Belle & Sebastian tracks a bit lately, though I don't think I've been repeating myself too much other than that.
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On December 5th, 2003 05:51 am (UTC), euro_trash_girl commented:
Interpol - Obstacle 1

had i not been dead on my feet tonight, i so would have been there. shame i missed it.

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On December 5th, 2003 06:02 am (UTC), kineticfactory replied:
I'll probably be doing something called Poplounge on Sundays, starting sometime this month. Though it will be a bit more downtempo; I'd probably be more inclined to play Leif Erikson, NYC or Hands Away than Obstacle 1. :-)

Not sure about the next Good Morning Captain night; I may not be in town in a fortnight's time, and the crowds haven't exactly been thronging in to hear my exemplary tastes in indie music and exotica. Maybe if I put on a trucker cap and started playing ironic booty-bass and '80s top-40 cheese...
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