this is not your sawtooth wave (kineticfactory) wrote,
this is not your sawtooth wave

Adventures on the wheels of polycarbonate

Very few people were around during my DJ set tonight, and so it ended early, at about 10:30. (Also, annoyingly enough, Good Morning Captain were out of both Guinness and Hoegaarden; I had to make do with a James Squire Wheat Beer, which didn't really grab me.) However, one person did ask about a track I segued into from a Minimum Chips song, and which he liked; that track is a mostly-finished piece of my own music.

Here's what I played:

  • Martin L. Gore - In My Time Of Dying

  • Drum Solo - Limelight (from the Pop Jingu vol. 1 compilation)

  • Eggstone - Thema No. 2

  • The Random Numbers - U Know We Know The Score

  • Minimum Chips - Rounds

  • The Random Numbers - untitled track

  • Prop vs. Stereolab - Statice (Mount Zero remix)

  • Ninetynine - My Hobby Is Better Than..., I mean, Highway Delights

  • The Vivian Girls - Black Chair In A Black Room

  • New Order - Here To Stay

  • Interpol - Obstacle 1

  • Radiohead - Knives Out

  • Nancy Sinatra - Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)

  • Sir - Still Breeze

  • Styrofoam - Altogether (Slowdive cover)

  • Belle & Sebastian - Final Day (Young Marble Giants cover)

  • Belle & Sebastian - Stay Loose

  • Spearmint - My Missing Days

  • Yo La Tengo - Let's Save Tony Orlando's House

Yes, I've been caning the Prop and Belle & Sebastian tracks a bit lately, though I don't think I've been repeating myself too much other than that.

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