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16 May: Dance With Voices + Arthur & Martha

Here are details of the gig I'm putting on:

Australian electro/new-wave band Dance With Voices are playing one gig in London, at Barden's in Dalston, on the 16th of May. Their sound combines 1980s synthpop with contemporary electro sounds, and have played support for the likes of MSTRKRFT.

The support band is Arthur And Martha, who have been described as "Gilbert & George, disguised as The Carpenters, steal the hits of Kraftwerk and bash them out on an old moog in the style of Section 25"; a guy, a girl, and some analogue synths, their music is an archly deadpan and knowing electropop, nonetheless with a danceable groove. There's video from a recent gig of theirs here and here.

DJs will include Automated Alice, as well as DJs from Good Grief, and yours truly will spin an electrolicious set. More on other supports as news comes to hand.

Date/time: 16 May 2007, 8pm
Place: Barden's Boudoir, 38-44 Stoke Newington Road, London, N16 7XJ

Tickets are £4 from here, or £5 at the door. There's a page for the event here.
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