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Xmas wish list

If you're scratching your head looking around for a present to get me, here are some suggestions:


  • DVDs: Live Forever

  • CDs: can't think of any, otherwise I'd have bought them; if you think of something I'm not familiar with but would like, that'd be good

  • books: I still haven't picked up William Gibson's Pattern Recognition; other than that, anything that touches on my interests that I hadn't read would be most welcome.

  • socks: no thanks

  • though I could do with a laptop stand (to fit a 15" PowerBook)

Expensive stuff:

  • Native Instruments FM7 (for MacOS 9/X)

  • Cubase SX for MacOS X

  • Other VST plugins: Halion String Edition, Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition

  • one of the new Palm Tungstens with an ARM CPU and 320x320 screen (or, ideally, one of the slide-out screens)

Things not to get me:

  • Windows software. I don't own a machine that runs Windows.

  • Any CDs bearing the "Copy Controlled" logo. Those things are intentionally defective and should not be encouraged.

  • Anything too large or bulky. No furniture, plasma lamps, stuffed moose heads, &c., please.

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