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The Pikelet gig

The Pikelet gig went really well. We didn't sell out, but we filled the room comfortably, and there was a very good vibe there. People were really enjoying the music, both the support acts (Red Bulldozers and The Crisps) and Pikelet herself (the room was completely silent as she played, and when she finished each song, there was mass applause).

The acts themselves: Red Bulldozers (aka local singer-songwriter Ken Chu) was pretty good, in an understated way, though played a rather brief set, not being able to get his laptop working for some of the backings and thus doing mostly guitar-based numbers. He played quite skilfully, and should be one to watch. The Crisps were pretty good, in a slightly folky sort of way. And Pikelet was amazing to behold; she would sit down in front of the microphone, grab a floor tom, tap out a rhythm, and when the loop pedal played it back, tap out something else on a snare, or add some guitar or accordion or vocal harmonies (often in several layers), thus building up a wall of sound, which she would then sing a song over. As you can imagine, all conversation had stopped as people watched what she'd do next.

teamwoolf came by and did an ace job at the door/merch table; thanks. Meanwhile, I spent most of the gig in the DJ booth, spinning tunes between sets.

(Doors open; at this stage, it's mostly organisers and bands in the room, though the punters start filtering in)
  • Yamasuki, Yamamoto Kakapote
  • Aleks & The Ramps - Brain
  • Semifinalists - Hwy.101
  • Holidays On Ice - Spell Happiness
  • Cartwheel - Yellow Keys
  • Minimum Chips - Furniture
  • Machine Translations - Paris Road
  • Blueboy - Boys Don't Matter
( Red Bulldozers' set )
  • Mirah - A Million Miles
  • Julian Nation - Press Gang Kids
  • The Lucksmiths - Little Distraction
  • The Softies - Fragile, Don't Crush
(The Crisps' set)

  • I'm From Barcelona - Treehouse
  • The Hummingbirds - Tuesday
  • The Field Mice - Sensitive
  • Ninetynine - Polar Angle
  • Life Without Buildings - PS Exclusive
  • Lush - Lovelife
  • Even As We Speak - Bizarre Love Triangle
  • Clag - Barberella Part 1
  • Mirah - Sweepstakes Prize
(Pikelet's set)

  • Baseball - She Makes Cookies
  • AIH - Heart It Races
  • Mid-State Orange - Summer In Disguise
and a few more things, finishing up by putting on The Motifs' Away as I went to sort out paying bands and such.

But yes, it was a great night. Anyway, for those who missed it, Pikelet's playing support for Darren Hanlon on Wednesday night; if you want a ticket, hurry, as it's going to sell out.
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