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Peter Saville

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I managed to see much of the second disc of the 24 Hour Party People DVD this evening. The interviews with various people were interesting in places, if a bit hit-and-miss (aside: Tony Wilson looks old in his; he could pass for a country vicar or something, especially in the black shirt he wears; meanwhile, Shaun Ryder looks like a drug-addled hardcase, which was not unexpected; his coherency is better than Liam Gallagher in Live Forever, but only just).

The most interesting part for me, though, was the Peter Saville gallery, which consisted of stills of various posters and album/single covers, with Saville and Wilson's overdubbed dialogue. It goes for about 50 minutes, and they spend a small but noticeable proportion of that time arguing, from debating the significance of the lateness of the FAC1 poster (Saville saying it wasn't as bad as in the film, and Wilson pointing out that it was more late than it was there) to apportioning the blame for Factory making a loss on the overdesigned Blue Monday single. In between that, Saville manages to talk quite a bit about the aesthetic theories behind various design decisions, the exact origins of the Joy Division Closer cover image and the ironic benefits of out-of-touch photo libraries.

I'll probably watch disc 1 at some stage soon, at least with the commentary. Or with a friend who hasn't seen it; I've seen the film twice already.
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On August 23rd, 2003 08:37 pm (UTC), fact244 commented:
I watched disc two last night and the Peter Saville piece was a definite highlight. Some of the stories... hard to believe. The trouble they went to in photographing the original of Fantin-Latour's roses and then everyone decided they liked the lacquer on the postcard better!!
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