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More musical work

This Saturday was the 20th, and indeed the last 20th of the year, so I put together a track for The 20th Project. I only posted it this evening, not having come up with a name until now;

It started off with me tinkering with my new NanoKey and the new Kore sound pack Native Instruments are giving away for free (about half of the sounds are from there), and was influenced somewhat by thinking of the end and beginning of another year and the cyclical, regenerative nature of all things. Listening to it, I hear a bit of a mid-late 1980s 4AD influence there (think This Mortal Coil or somesuch), along with perhaps a bit of OMD and possibly some early AIH (!).

Also, two days earlier, I came up with this (as yet unfinished, and untitled) track, in a more chill-out/loungepop/symphonic trip-hop sort of vein:

I'm also working for a remix for another artist, which is maybe 40-50% done, though more on that later.
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