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The vicissitudes of international mail

Whilst travelling through Australia in February, I found, as one does, that the total weight of my baggage kept increasing. As such, I stepped into the post offices in a number of places (Melbourne, Glebe, Narooma (NSW) and Bulimba (Brisbane)), packaged up my surplus belongings and mailed them back to the UK.

Today, the last of those packages arrived; it was the one I sent from Narooma, almost four months ago. The package I sent a few days later from Bulimba (also by sea mail) arrived some two months earlier.

No idea why. Did they end up on different ships? Was one of the ships held hostage by pirates on its way to the Suez Canal? Or did they, on a whim, send it the other way around the world?
Tags: australia, international commerce, mail

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