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Poplounge 1

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Poplounge went well. A lot of people showed up, including quite a few regulars from gigs, which was quite good for a new night at this time of year. There was the barbecue in the beer garden (though there aren't yet any speakers out there; hopefully this will be remedied in upcoming weeks), a live performance from James from The Rumours (who did some original numbers and an inspired if not quite accurate cover of The Smiths' There Is A Light That Never Goes Out), and a screening of Belle & Sebastian's Fans Only DVD (which I really should get a copy of). Oh, and Georgina (the main organiser of it) brought plasticine to hand around, and people made things out of it.

I played two DJ sets, an early one (which was probably a bit too chilled-out, all things considered) and a late one (after the live gig).

The early set:

  • GusGus - Cold Breath '79 Crystallised
  • Röyksopp - In Space
  • Malory - Three Elements
  • Slowdive - In Mind Reload Remix The 147 Take
  • Ubin vs. FourPlay - Koush
  • Northern Picture Library - Catholic Easter Colours
  • Martin L. Gore - Candy Says
  • Parsley Sound - Ease Yourself And Glide
  • The Field Mice - Willow
  • Stereolab - Naught More Terrific Than Man (from ABC Sessions)
  • Minimum Chips - Furniture
  • Bernard Herrmann - Twisted Nerve
  • The Stone Roses - Elizabeth My Dear (Kinobe remix)
  • Black Box Recorder - Swinging
  • Slowdive - Blue Skied An' Clear

The late set:
  • The Smiths - I Want The One I Can't Have
  • New Order - Leave Me Alone
  • Even As We Speak - Bizarre Love Triangle
  • Spearmint - Don't Get Me Started
  • The Hummingbirds - Everything You Said
  • Pulp - Mis-shapes
  • Broadcast - Come On Let's Go
  • The Mike Flowers Pops - A Groovy Place
  • Christian Bruhn - Ford Capri II
  • Norman Bates - Television Saved My Life
  • Architecture In Helsinki - Scissors Paper Rock
  • Ninetynine - San Pedro de Atacama
  • Raven vs. the Pet Shop Boys - Domino Dancehall (Babylon Boys Breakcore)

I had mixed feedback on the sets; some compliments, and some "what's that you're playing, it's really good" questions (which are always nice), though someone said that the second set was "average". Quite possibly true; I've probably done more inspired sets.
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On December 28th, 2003 05:59 pm (UTC), euro_trash_girl commented:
i swear i will actually make it one of these days. i kinda got caught up in the beerage at my place to celebrate my return and couldnt get off my arse for love or money.

but i will come along! i promise!
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On December 29th, 2003 06:25 am (UTC), edminton commented:
hay cool. lettuce know when the next gig is up. i found out too late about this one.
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On December 29th, 2003 08:34 am (UTC), justlikehoney commented:
had a great time, thanks for doing it! looking forward to next week..
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