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Poplounge tonight was good, if a bit quieter than opening night last week. The first live act who played tonight, Zoe's as yet unnamed band, were excellent, from their wry lyrics and melodies (reminiscent of Bacharach in places) to their impeccable performance. I didn't think much of the second act, though, a solo singer/guitarist who did a number of country/western/folk/Americana ballads about outlaws and vigilantes and such; not really my cup of tea. Oh, and justlikehoney's DJ set was pretty good; he played some pretty nice indiepop (think Kindercore and similar). Not sure about the hip-hop though.

I played a DJ set between the two live acts; I've posted my set list to poplounge, here.
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On January 5th, 2004 12:48 am (UTC), justlikehoney commented:
zoe was amazing. totally sensational. the hip hop track i played was a request from my friend taryn... some playful french character called alphonse brown... i've been listening to all this foreign pop music lately, especially indian. some of it's quite good!
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