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this evening's adventures

Had a pleasant evening with a friend; we went to the Cinema Nova to see Lost In Translation, only finding that the 7:40 session was sold out, and the next available one was at 9:50. So we bought tickets for that and went wandering around Carlton/Fitzroy, looking for something to eat. We ended up at the Lambs Go Bar, having some rather nice beers (there's a fairly tasty local cherry-flavoured beer; I think it's called Jamieson, after the town it's brewed in). Dinner this evening consisted of a bag of crisps and some pizza from a Brunswick St. greasy-spoon.

Afterwards, in the car on the way back, we listened to a demo her boyfriend in London did recently and sent her, and I was impressed. Think Duran Duran produced by Flood or something like that, with quite sharp songwriting and arrangements. Hopefully he'll go far with that.

(And Lost In Translation was OK, though not brilliant. I wonder how much of the incidental music Kevin Shields did; whether it was just the processed-guitar-noise stuff or whether he's spent the last 12 years learning to use sequencers and write melodies and such. Anyway, I've posted a bit more of a review you-know-where.)

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