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anatomy · of · distance

Adventures with public transport

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  • I arranged to meet a friend on Brunswick St. this evening. I went to catch the tram, but, as I approached the stop, found it pulling away early. I waited for the next tram, which was, of course, late; more to the point, it crawled along 10 minutes after its due time, not taking passengers, with its destination sign indicating "SPECIAL". I ended up catching a tram half an hour after the one I wanted. Needless to say, I was not pleased.
  • A few hours later, I caught a train home from the city. When I entered the carriage, I found that someone had obtained a large quantity of copies of mX and, for some reason, shredded them into neat strips, which were then piled on seats. They must have used a few hundred copies, as several seats were buried under the strips. Later in the trip, some customer-service personnel boarded, and the two mooks sitting in one of the most heavily covered rows (who may or may not have broken off from the dozen or so mario-homies who strutted forcefully onto the train at Parliament station) gleefully taunted them about how someone's going to have a big cleaning job. The conversation is approximated as follows
    MOOK 1: You're going to have to clean all this up.
    SAFE TRAVEL TEAM DRONE: No we're not. The cleaners will.
    MOOK 1: And where are these cleaners of yours, O my brother?*
    DRONE: At the depot.
    MOOK 1: Sittin' around having a bong?
    MOOK 2: *laughter*
* Well, the mooks didn't actually use Clockwork Orange youth slang; I made this bit up. The tone of voice is the same though.
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On January 21st, 2004 11:50 am (UTC), addedentry commented:
Sonic Mook Experiment
I eavesdropped teenage ne'er-do-wells discussing A Clockwork Orange on a train last month. They said it was 'the best for nunchakas'.

Do marios have moustaches like Super Mario? - and are these wonderful terms Melbourne or Mono slang?
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On January 22nd, 2004 12:43 am (UTC), kineticfactory replied:
Re: Sonic Mook Experiment
Marios == a subculture amongst young men involving Mediterranean ideals of machismo/hypermasculinity, though these days often mixed with a hip-hop thug image. Gold chains, singlets showing chest hair, designer tracksuits ("DaDa" is a favourite label), and an image designed to project an air of menace, particularly if 20 or so walk onto your train carriage at night. Note: Marios can be of any ethnic background. (I believe the subculture is analogous to the Guido subculture in the US.)

Mooks == teenage males, typically into rap-metal, extreme sports, dope and anything "hardcore"; though this is not an Australian usage. In this case, I used the word to be synonymous with "hooligans".
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On January 22nd, 2004 08:45 pm (UTC), deejbah replied:
Re: Sonic Mook Experiment
I used to catch a train in Adelaide that never once appeared on time and often never arrived. There would usually be several trains going in the opposite direction (out of the city at peak hour)that had no one on them. This is why i usually rode my bike.

In the northern suburbs it was a regular thing to have buses that disappeared somewhere between Elizabeth and Salisbury and did not appear 10 minutes either side of the scheduled time.
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