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Book shopping

This afternoon, I made my way down to Reader's Feast and traded in part of the voucher they sent me (as part of their 10%-of-purchases programme) for a copy of Simon Winchester's Outposts: Journeys to the surviving relics of the British Empire. It promises to be an interesting read.

This evening, meanwhile, on my way to the Greta Gertler gig at Bar Open, I stepped into the Brunswick Street Bookshop and left with a copy of Jeffrey Masson's The Nine Emotional Lives of Cats. (It's a study of cat psychology; it's written by a cat fancier, though tends to be somewhat intellectual, with leanings towards evolutionary psychology, rather than indulging in gift-calendar sentimentalism.) I've read the first chapter so far, and it already hints at the question of what sort of mental model cats have of people and their motivations; there's probably a PhD in that question for someone.
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